2017. június 5., hétfő

Bullet Journal setup and layout for May - completed

Hey journalist!
I didn't post since March, I think, but it's okay. I want to share with you my completed (well, kind of completed...) monthly setup for May in my Bullet Journal. Every month I want to try something new, something different, than the last months. For example: colors, stickers, spreads and drawings, etc. For May, I used my pink and purple Stabilo fineliner pens the most.
I'm really happy with my main page for the month. It didn't take too much effort to do it, but it's really nice and simple.

Next, I always do my monthly log pages. One page is a monthly calendar, where I track my events, meetings, work and dance classes and performances.The other page is where I write down my monthly goals, events, notes, a little bucket list for a month and an inspirational, motivational quote. 

For my weekly spreads, I try at least two different kinds of weekly spreads. Every month I try weekly spreads that I like on Pinterest or from Youtube videos, to make sure which spreads I like better.

After that I do my habit tracker, which I really love. There are things that I should do more often - like go running, write and post more often - and create a real habit, but it needs a little time.
I also track my spendings in a month and for this, I use my budget tracker, which help me a lot. I know I spend too much money on makeup, but I love makeup and love to use it too.
I did a miracle morning page too, but this month, I didn't like it very much how it turned out. For my next monthly miracle morning page I definitely want to choose one color for this, not five. The five different color just messed up the page.

Hope you like it! Show me how did you do your May setup on Twitter and follow each other on social media!

Twitter: @zsevita 

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