2017. február 23., csütörtök

The Ultimate Blog Planner Kit for free!

Photo: Designer Blogs

I just found this cool website where I downloaded and printed out my very first blog planner.
I started my blog a couple weeks ago and I always like to write down my thoughts and ideas on paper before I post it online, so I thought this will be very useful for me.
This kit includes 27 pages for you, like:
  • 2017 calendar
  • advertising and finance trackers and pages
  • weekly and blog to do lists
  • weekly, monthly and yearly stats and trackers
  • post planner pages
  • post ideas
The Ultimate Blog Planner Kit is free, if you subscribe to their newsletter.
Here is the link for download: ☛ http://www.designerblogs.com/ultimate-blog-planner-kit/ 
Oh, on this website you can find other free printables too, like bucket lists, gift tags, postcards and cute pictures for your office,
so come on, check it out!

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